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Coming together is a beginning. Staying together is a progress. Working together is success.

(Henry Ford 1863-1947)



The relocation professionals network is a strategic alliance of independent relocation agencies based in Europe, marked by a high local competence and high professionalism. We are an association of independent private companies with the aim to deliver best services. 

Worldwide we are present through partner companies.

Within the network of competent and reliable partners an exchange of experiences and information takes place and through each others support we make use out of synergy effects.

The Relocation Professionals constantly improve their services and find new ways to arrange a more efficient national and international relocation. We work customer orientated, this means quick, uncomplicated service as well as cross regional and coordinated arrangements.  

The benefits for our customers:

reduction of administrative effort 

time saving (e.g. shorter briefings, because data are already recorded by the partner and can eventually placed to the other partner's disposal)

no time consuming search for a relocation partner, because we can recommend reliable partners in other regions.

cost reduction

one central coordination contact for all regions if wanted


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